Bhoruka Steel & Services Ltd., Refractory Division started in the year 1973 as a captive unit for our steel division. Continuous improvement and management support led to a completely sophisticated refractory manufacturing plant. To our pride, we now manufacture refractories like magnesia carbon, continuous casting and various speciality monolithic refractories.

Refractory Division, because of its quality and committed delivery, became principle source of supply of Alumina bricks of 40%, 50%, 60%, 70% and 80% grades, Zircon Nozzles, Special Shapes, Chemically Bonded Chrome Magnesite Bricks, Magnesia Carbon Bricks, Pre Cast Pre Fired Bricks and Shapes and Monolithics like basic and high Alumina Castables, Low Cement Castable, Mortars, Ramming masses, Fettling Masses, Insulation Castables etc., to meet the refractory needs of critical and core Industries such as Iron & Steel, Carbon, Cement, Sponge Iron, Thermal Power, Cokeoven & Glass etc.

To effectively meet the stringent specification of the products and customer demands, Bhoruka steel Refractory division is fully equipped with Modern Plant & Machinery and Laboratory.

Dedicated Customer Service:

Bhoruka team provides a complete service to the customers at all times to cater as per their requirements.

Bhoruka products are backed by complete technical services by qualified engineers for selection and installation of refractories. Refractory lining designs and tailor made products to suit various application requirements are our speciality.

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